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Sneak Peek of Baby A

Baby A is only 10 days old, but is a big baby already 🙂 She is nearly 10 pounds and 22″ long! Little A fought sleep the whole 3+ hours that I was there, but she didn’t fuss much at all. She was a sweetie! Her parents were wonderful and oh so patient. Baby A is their first and they are just so in love with her. She’s a doll! Enjoy the sneak peek 🙂 I hope that you like the pictures.

She had at least one eye open the entire time. In this one she was acting very sleepy, but that eye stayed open to let me know that she wasn’t really asleep 🙂


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I had the pleasure of photographing the sweetest little newborn girl today. Baby L will be 3 weeks tomorrow and is as sweet as she can be. Her mom brought her out to me which gave mom a nice excuse to get out of the house. I can’t wait to do portraits with baby L’s big brother and sister too. I’d also like to thank Baby L’s Daddy for his service in the US Navy!Enjoy the sneak peek!


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